Rupert VanMouse

In continuance with the children’s book illustrations, my next project is a book called Rupert VanMouse. Rupert is a mouse that likes to go on adventures with his human family to see the world! Come with us to see what kind of wonderful sights Rupert will experience on his journeys.

Rupert VanMouse is a reading mouse, his favorite books are ones about travel and far away destinations.

Jacqueline The Great

“Jacqueline The Great” is going to be an epic adventure into a new world of design and illustration for me. The project is beginning as a series of young adult books that have an underlying message of empowering our young women. JTG aims to prove to girls that they can be anything they want to be, and with the power of imagination, they can explore new worlds and careers. The stories will be available on Amazon, keep checking back for more updates!

Welcome, Friend

I’m Stephanie Rietz, package designer, social media marketer, graphic designer, illustrator, and web site builder. I enjoy learning new areas of graphic design and getting my hands dirty with photography and drawn art. This is my portfolio and exploration page. Here you will see examples of my work and find tutorials for new design programs and features.